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About our White Label programme

The Dizicx White Label programme is designed to suit qualified and experience individuals (or companies) who want to become Forex brokers and create own brands in the Forex industry. It is a solution that allows you to run a regular brokerage business under your own identity and website. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the Forex market serves as a guarantee for a quality product and fully functional trading platforms for your business. The use of cutting-edge technologies and competitive conditions will effortlessly deliver full satisfaction to your clients.

Dizicx White Label programme grants you access to a variety of financial instruments to offer to your client and enables trading via some of the most recognized trading platforms for both desktop and mobile. We can help you with your business development strategy – defining the main workflows and prevent foreseeable problems.

How it works?

As a primary broker, we are ready to supply our White Label partners with everything needed for starting the new business: from creating a website (if needed) to extensive back-office support and administrative activities.

We offer full suite of Dizicx products and services at your disposal. To further encourage your business we provide dedicated training, customer support and first-class instruction. Our trading platforms are fully customizable and can be branded with your company name and logo. You can choose between variety of revenue & compensation models and get the maximum for your business.

What’s in it for you?

We provide a quick and hustle-free solution so you begin your own business in the online forex industry. Take advantage of our exclusive offer:

  • Customisable margin requirements
  • Raw spreads with outstanding revenue plans
  • Low startup costs
  • Profit based on each client’s trade

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Partnership programs benefits

Here's how your referrals benefit from Dizicx:

  • Quick and easy solution
    Become part of the Forex industry with full support from Dizicx. Easy integration and set ups.
  • Reduced costs and expenses
    Save on set up and maintenance costs and focus on the marketing and your clients’ needs
  • No need of licensing
    Dizicx is fully regulated which eliminates the need of licensing

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