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You are subjected to following terms and conditions while using this website :

You will not assign, sell, lease, rent, distribute, import or export any grant rights to use to product or service or any part of it to any third party. You shall not knowingly or unknowingly authorize or permit or carry out modification, reverse engineering, disassembling of any product or offering, gain unauthorized access to the database, comprising with the integrity of the security of this system in any manner. You shall not modify the program and must comply with the rules mentioned in this policy at all times.

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Suspension: Dizicx, without any prior notice and at its sole discretion can discontinue, modify or suspend your ability to use of its product or service at any time without recourse to the courts and with immediate effect for the improvement, repair or for upgrading the software or for any justifiable reason. This also includes but not limited to the breach of the terms and conditions, engaging in immoral, any other form of disruptive trading activity including scalping, illegal or fraudulent activities or for any possible legal liabilities.

You will use the software or services provided by Dizicx for lawful purposes. You shall not monitor, intercept, modify any communication which is not meant for you. You shall not use any kind of program codes that are designed to delete, distort, compromise or damage the integrity of the software or the communication. You shall not use the software in a manner to violate the applicable laws. You shall not distribute any content or material that is subjected to proprietary rights or any third party unless you have a permission or license from the owner to do so. You shall not modify the content or translate into other languages and create derivate service or product offered by Dizicx You shall not compromise the integrity of the security system by gaining unauthorized access.

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